Champions League Scoreboard for OBS Studio

Integrate the Champions League scoreboard in OBS Studio with OverlayOn for the Dortmund vs Real Madrid final. Enhance your live stream easily!

The streamer DjMariio celebrating the goal of Real Madrid with the OverlayOn scoreboard

The highly anticipated Champions League final between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid will take place on June 1st. If you’re a streamer looking to react live to this exciting match, OverlayOn offers a Champions League scoreboard that you can use in your stream to keep your audience updated with the live score. In this article, we’ll show you how to integrate this scoreboard into OBS Studio step-by-step.

Step 1: Select the Champions League Scoreboard

1.- Choose the Champions League scoreboard: Visit our template gallery of soccer scoreboards here: OverlayOn Scoreboard Templates

The different scoreboard templates that OverlayOn have on the webpage

2.- Create Your Scoreboard: Click on the ‘Create’ button to customize your scoreboard.

Creating the champions league scoreboard on OverlayOn webpage

3.- Customize Your Scoreboard: Configure the teams: Enter “DOR” for “Borussia Dortmund” and “RMA” for “Real Madrid” and their colors.

Editing the scoreboard teams and colours on OverlayOn builder

4.- Copy the Overlay URL: This URL will be used in OBS to display your scoreboard.

Clicking the share button on OverlayOn builder to copy overlay URL

Step 2: Import the Timer to OBS Studio

1.- Open OBS Studio: Launch the application on your computer or download it here

The OBS studio webpage to download the app

2.- Add a Browser Source: In the sources panel, click the ‘+’ button and select ‘Browser’.

Showing the browser option after click in the + icon on OBS Studio

3.- Configure the Browser Source: Name your scene and paste the Overlay URL copied from OverlayOn.

Showing the input that the user need to copy the OverlayOn URL

4.- Finalize and Go Live: Position your scoreboard on your stream layout as desired and start your live stream on your chosen platform (Twitch, YouTube, Kick, etc.) and enjoy the match while keeping your audience updated with the live Champions League final score.

Showing the input that the user need to copy the OverlayOn URL


Using OverlayOn to add the Champions League scoreboard in OBS Studio is a fantastic way to enhance your live stream and provide a more immersive experience for your audience. Follow these steps and get ready to enjoy and react live to every goal from Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid on June 1st.

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