Overlays for your stream

Create a better experience in your livestream by building custom overlays.

Monetize your live stream


Join a partnership program

See and apply to campaigns of brands and companies, with the revenue per view and per click predefined.

add to stream

Add to your stream

Automatically the campaign animation and chat message with referral link will appear during your live stream.


Withdraw your income

After you have generated at least 50 USD, you can withdraw your income in the wallet section.

Our overlays



Add a countdown overlay to manage your news or create your own SubAthon.



Show the chat how you use the PlayStation controller at all times during your stream.



Create a customizable lucky roulette wheel with spinning animation to randomly draw prizes and challenges.



Cast any sporting event and show the results with the soccer, basketball and paddle overlays.

How does it work?


Choose your overlay

Pick the overlay you need from the list of available overlays.

edit road

Customize it to your liking

Modify the colors and settings of all the overlays to match your needs.

Add to photos

Add it to your stream

Copy and paste the link generated for your overlay into your favorite streaming platform.

Stream wherever you want

We offer a multiplatform solution. No matter the web or software you use, create your overlay and add it to your favorite site.

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