How to add a professional countdown timer on OBS

Learn how to add a professional countdown timer to your live stream in OBS with OverlayOn. Follow our easy, step-by-step guide to enhance viewer engagement.

Ibai Llanos a famous Spanish streamer using the OverlayOn’s countdown

Engaging your audience from the moment your livestream starts is crucial, and nothing works better than a countdown timer. It sets the stage, builds anticipation, and keeps viewers informed about when the action will begin. Whether you’re hosting a competition, a podcast, or gearing up for a big event, a countdown timer can significantly enhance the viewer experience.

Here’s how you can easily integrate a countdown timer into your OBS Studio streams using OverlayOn:

Create a Timer:

1.- Choose a Template: Start by selecting your favorite countdown template at OverlayOn. Visit our template gallery here: OverlayOn Countdown Templates

The different countdown templates that OverlayOn have on the webpage

2.- Create Your Timer: Click on the ‘Create’ button to customize your timer.

Creating the countdown template on OverlayOn webpage

3.- Customize Your Timer: Set up the timer to indicate when your new content will be live or how long your event will last.

4.- Copy the Overlay URL: This URL will be used in OBS to display your timer.

Editing the countdown time and clicking the share button on OverlayOn builder

Import the Timer to OBS Studio:

1.- Open OBS Studio: Launch the application on your computer or download here

2.- Add a Browser Source: In the sources panel, click the ‘+’ button and select ‘Browser’.

Showing the browser option after click in the + icon on OBS Studio

3.- Configure the Browser Source: Name your scene and paste the Overlay URL copied from OverlayOn.

Showing the input that the user need to copy the OverlayOn URL

4.- Finalize and Go Live: Position your countdown timer on your stream layout as desired and start streaming.

Showing the input that the user need to copy the OverlayOn URL

Following these steps will have your countdown timer up and running in no time! A countdown timer not only prepares your viewers but also adds a professional touch to your streams.

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